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Pre-Clinical Development
In vitro Biology

Our in vitro biology platform is designed to evaluate the biological properties and the mechanism of actions (MOA) of our iTAb drug candidates including further target validation, TAA/TSA binding, down-stream signal pathway characterization, T cell activation and proliferation, target killing, translational studies and more.

In vivo Biology

The in vivo Biology group have capabilities to evaluate the biological properties of our drug candidates in vivo including Xenograft efficacy models, disease models, PK/PD studies and modeling and safety studies.


We developed and validated bioanalytical methods to support iTAb drug development including ELISA, ECL, and SIMOA etc. The measurement of the super-potent iTAb molecules requires extremely sensitive assays that can quantitate iTAb concentrations at pg/mL. We have developed and validated > 50 methods applied to analysis of binding, cell-based activity assays, animal PK, PD, TK, ADA studies, and the clinical development of iTAb.

Pre-Clinical Safety

We design safety evaluation processes and protocols following NMPA/FDA guidance. We conduct GLP toxicity studies through CROs and monitor and audit the process to satisfy the regulatory compliance for each of our studies.
We discover novel and diversified antibodies through phage-display and nanoantibody screening platforms. We design bi- or tri- specific antibodies using our versatile iTAbTM platform and generate multiple drug candidates by further structural and functional optimization.

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