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Xiaoqiang Yan, Ph.D.
Founder, Chairman & CEO
Dr. Yan has over 30 years of biopharmaceutical industry experience in new drug discovery and development with therapeutic focuses in hematology, oncology, autoimmune, and metabolic diseases. He first discovered the none pro-inflammatory properties of interleukin 22 (IL-22), designed a recombinant human IL-22 dimer (F-652), and successfully translated the protective biology of IL-22 during inflammatory tissue damage to a novel therapeutic drug. The significant clinical efficacy and excellent safety profile of the drug were demonstrated in acute graft versus host disease (GvHD) and acute alcoholic hepatitis phase IIa clinical trials. He built and led scientific teams in multiple organizations and developed many first-in-class, and best-in-class drugs following NMPA/FDA/EMA regulations and guidance. He led and supervised research and development teams and conducted first-in-man clinical studies and global multicenter phase II/III clinical trials reaching expected clinical endpoints, such as RyzneutaTM recently received approval by NMPA. He has broad knowledge and experience in quality including cGMP drug manufacturing and compliance. He is a successful serial biotech entrepreneur with more than 240 granted patents as a co-inventor and more than 30 scientific publications.
He served as Chairman, CEO, CSO, co-founder of Generon Corporation Ltd. (Shanghai); and as a VP, Research & Technology, Hutchison Medipharma Ltd.; and as a Research Scientist I, II III, Department of Function Genomics, Pharmacology & Pathology, and Experimental Hematology, Amgen Inc. USA.

He received his Ph.D. in Molecular & Cell Biology, Department of Medical Biophysics, University of Toronto, Canada. Master and Bachelor of Medicine, West China University of Medicine, Sichuan, China.

Hanhang Chen, Ph.D.
Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Director
Dr. Chen has more than 17 years of experience in new drug discovery and development. He is an expert in biological assay development and validation, bioanalytical method development and validation, pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, GLP toxicity studies, and translation medicine and biomarkers. Dr. Chen has participated the research and development of more than 20 new drug candidates including small molecules and biologicals. He has built and led multiple teams, achieved goals for multiple challenging projects. He led and developed and bioanalytical methods according to FDA guidance. The methods were able to quantitate biologicals at pg/mL levels in patient serum samples. He made significant contributions to the global clinical phase II/III filing and the FDA BLA filing, and played a critical role in developing F-627 (RyzneutaTM), led to the NMPA approval in 2023.

He served as a senior director at Generon Corporation Ltd. (Shanghai), responsible for multiple function groups including bioanalytical, analytical, pre-clinical and quality controls. He was a senior research scientist, at Hutchison Medipharma Ltd, responsible for drug screening platform establishment and new drug discovery.

Dr. Chen received his PhD in molecular virology, at the Veterinary College, Huazhong Agriculture University. Dr. Cheng received his MA and B.Sc in biology, at the College of Life Science, Huazhong Agriculture University.

Guiyun Tu, MSc
Head of antibody engineering
Msc in Bioengineering at Fujian Normal University. Over 17-year of experience in new drug discovery including the design and optimization of fusion recombinant protein (Fc-dimer) and bispecific antibody platform structure design, drug screening, and recombinant protein production, stable cell line generation. With a successful track record in developing a number of novel iTAb bi-specific and multi-specific antibodies.

Wuzhong Shen, M.D.
Head of in vitro biology
Graduated from Medical College, Xi An Jiao Tong University. He leads the in vitro biological and translational research. Over 18-year experience in new drug R&D including small molecules, T cell engagers, cytokines and other large molecules. Participated in IND and BLA applications. Served as an instructor in the pathophysiology department of Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine on the pathogenesis of leukemia for 4 years.

Guojian Yu, MSc
Head of drug manufacturing
Msc Clinical Veterinary Jilin University. Over 10-year experience in recombinant protein manufacturing. Participated 2 NMPA BLA applications and 2 on-site GMP inspections by NMPA, and 5 phase I IND filing. A sound track record in cell culture and purification process development, pilot scale manufacturing and GMP manufacturing.

Xing Zhao, M.D.
Head of clinical operation
Graduated from Chengdu Medical College. Physician for 8 years involving different specialties including internal medicine, respiratory, hematology and oncology. Over 6-year experience in clinical trials worked for CRO and sponsors involved in clinical operation, medical writing. He conducted many clinical trials in patients with liver cancer, lung cancer, thyroid carcinoma, breast cancer, stroke, ALL and lymphoma.

Ying Tan, MBA
Head of quality management
Bachelor's degree in biotechnology from Hunan Normal University and MBA degree from Sofia University,USA. 18 years of work experience in quality management and product analysis and control in biopharmaceutical industry. Completed IND application in different countries at different clinical stages of several projects, and went through on-site audit of NMPA. Participated in the NDA of 2 projects and the BLA application of 1 project.

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