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Shixiang Yan Ph.D.
He is a partner of 3E Bioventures, Dr. Yan is a seasoned investor in healthcare industry, he has near 15 years’ experience in drug development, management and operation, and has in-depth understanding and experience in all major aspects of new drug research and development and a wide range of disease fields, as well as in-depth understanding in cooperation of innovation, project introduction, and cooperative management, and has led more than 30 cooperative projects to sign or carry out at different stages, and has published nearly 50 academic papers and patents.

Ph.D. in structural chemistry, New York University ,USA; B.S. Physics ,Fudan University, China.

Wen Chen MBA
He is a partner of Shanghai Yonghua Investment Management Co., LTD., Mr. Chen has more than ten years of experience in biomedical research, pharmaceutical product development, regulatory, product launch management and business development in both China and global markets. He was former senior vice president in TigerMed. He is a successful serial entrepreneur in the biopharmaceutical industry.

MBA, Durham University, UK; M.S. Medical Oncology, Washington University St. Louis; B.S., Purdue University, USA

Alvin SYH
He serves as CEO of BC Asset Management Asia, Mr. Alvin Syh has been focusing on healthcare industry investment and family Asset Management for many years. He is a renowned entrepreneur and investor in the healthcare industry. At the mean time, Mr. Syh holds various social positions which include: President, Global Fund of Fund Innovation Institute; Vice President, China Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Federation, etc. Mr. Syh has extensive experience and a strong track record in both the investment and pharmaceutical industries.

Hanyang Chen Ph.D.

Xiaoqiang Yan Ph.D.

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