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ITabMed Ltd. is a clinical-stage biotech company located in Shanghai, China. The company was founded in 2020 and registered in Lin Gang Sci-Tech City, Shanghai. We are a spin-off entity from the former “Generon BioMed Ltd.”.

ITabMed continues the mission of “Innovating for Life” and focuses on the discovery and development of immunotherapy products to treat cancer. Saving the lives of millions of cancer patients remains the greatest challenge for both the medical community and society, although many breakthrough medications have been developed in the past decades. Among the many therapies available to patients, we believe that immunotherapy is the key approach to conquering cancer. Immunotherapies activate specific immune cells, within patients or manipulated/engineered ex vivo, to eliminate cancer cells. Immunotherapy treatment improves the survival and quality of life of cancer patients.

We are taking advantage of rapid reform and development progresses within a favorable ecosystem of innovation in China. We manufacture iTAb products using cutting-edge biotechnology and follow guidelines issued by NMPA/FDA/EMA to conduct clinical trials and drug manufacturing. We built high-quality control systems during our research and development processes which set us up for success long-term. Over the past two decades, our team has demonstrated an excellent track record of innovation, global new drug development achievements, and creating value for investors.

Innovation and quality are the soul of ITabMed Ltd.

Cancer immunotherapy: To kill and eliminate tumor cells by activating immune cells (such as T cells) to achieve clinical benefits for cancer patients.

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